Our organisation

After participating in several short volunteering projects in Romania, Gera moved to Romania in September 2006. For the first three years she cooperated with two missionary organizations and learned the language, but in April 2009 she founded "Stichting een betere Roemeense wereld" in the Netherlands, with fundraising and public relations as its main tasks. In June 2009, she founded in Romania "Asociatia O lume mai buna-Romania" whose main task is the executive work for their projects in Romania. Both organizations operate on a Christian basis. The Romanian organization owns a house in Codlea, Romania, called "Canaan". This project house is the basis of various projects.

The main goal of the close cooperation between the two organizations is to improve the life circumstances of the less fortunate people in Romania who live in difficult circumstances, regardless of age, sex, religion or origin. Disabled or sick people and their families, elderly people and those growing up in poverty.

After years of working with children from different centers, as an organization, we decided from December 1, 2019 to focus our help primarily on prevention, where education and family life will be an important means of achieving results. This is with the aim of supporting these families and the environment in which they live, structurally improving their lives, making them more resilient and, if possible, avoiding placement.