Our project house called "Canaan" in Codlea, Brasov county is the base of our activities.

Individual and group activities

The first project contains activities with the previously mentioned target group, and the participant's individual request for help is a central element. Registration can be done by any person. Individual or group activities can be offered at the participant's residence or in the project house. These can be day or weekend activities, with the possibility of staying overnight in the project house. The participants come from Codlea and its surroundings, and the age and gender of the participants is diverse. There is a close cooperation with the immediate environment of the participants, with the main goal to get structural improvements in the participant's life and his environment.

Activities for the elderly

The second project is addressed to elderly people in Codlea. And especially to those who are alone, sick or poor. As they grow older, many seniors are faced with the situation of children who have gone abroad, friends/partners who have died or have various illnesses. This isolates them more and more. Twenty-six of these elderly people participate in our project and are visited at home to find out what kind of help they need. In addition, they are offered one meal every month, being organized into two fixed groups. The meal is organized in our project house and creates new friendships, seniors are listened to, receive attention and are taken out of their environment.

Humanitarian aid

The third and last main project of our organization is the transport with goods that we receive from the Netherlands on a regular basis. The most of the time second-hand items are collected, sorted and packed in the Netherlands, after which they are brought to Romania with a (sponsored) transport. From there, they are distributed to those individuals, groups, institutions or foundations that need goods, such as a hospital, several kindergartens, a mother-child home, etc. Think about goods such as medical supplies, development materials, craft materials, toys, food, gifts for participants in our projects, cleaning products and products for selfcare.

There are often discussions as to whether it is better to buy goods locally in order to support local shops. The idea sounds great, but the reality is different. First of all, we receive many usable goods from the Netherlands that we cannot even buy in Romania. In addition, we as an association are unable to raise sufficient financial resources to be able to purchase the same amount of goods. People simply give goods (second hand) more easily than money. And the quality of second-hand goods in the Netherlands is often much better than the new products we could buy in Romania.

All activities are carried out by volunteers, our organization has no employees.