In Romania there are many families where poverty, abuse, negligence and alcohol abuse play a major role in the everyday life, but also, for example, the illness or disability of one or more family members. Because, many times, the situation becomes unbearable or simply unacceptable, the care of one or more family members is sooner or later, partially or totally taken over by the Romanian state. Children are placed in children's centers, as well as people with disabilities and those with mental illnesses in one of the hospitals for patients with psychiatric disorders. And that's a hard life you don't wish on anyone!

In 1993 Gera Verrips, born in Holland, went for the first time as a volunteer to Romania and finally moved to Romania in September 2006.

Our goal is to improve the life circumstances of the less fortunate people in Romania who live in difficult circumstances. Disabled or sick people and their families, elderly people and those growing up in poverty.